1993 Mercedes-Benz 400E Questions

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Is there one in the trunk? When I turn the key to start I get nothing
Ideal high or cuts off. Asks like it wants to run hot.
it wont go forward in any gear
The fan inside the cabin is not working.
The washer fluid light is continuously on even though there is enough fluid in reservoir. I disengaged the wire to the sensor and cleaned the terminal. I then removed the sensor element and soaked it in warm soapy water hoping that it would allow the float to rise freely and remove any hidden dirt. The float is loose in the tube, but reassembly does not do the trick. Would a new fluid sensor solve the problem? The washer pumps water OK.
Car was running great but out of the blue, when I put on AC, car konked off at stop light. Now, pickup is poor and it looks as though car could stall upon stopping.
Once speed is attained(>45 mph), car is smooth
My air is not blowing but the compressor comes on. I checked the fuses and they are fine. I want to check the fan but i don't know where it is. Help!
Hi I have a mercedez 400e the car will start i can drive it then when i park it for a few hours the battery id dead can you please help me to find somebody to help me fix it thanks
car has been having an erratic power, sometimes the power shuts off during traffic lights stops, high fuel consumption, a knocking sound etc
first time at this site.. speedometer will not work on vehicle... does this vehicle have a computer on board ..i just changed the battery and this happened. under 50,000 miles on vehicle
my air conditioner quit working, I took it to my mechanic and they tested the Freon it’s good. All it does is blow hot air. What could be the problem?
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