1992 Mercedes-Benz 400E Questions

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this causes no power to fuses 1, a, g, and h so my power windows, sliding roof, wipers don't work.
I have tried to cut on headlight wipers. the headlights were on and the wipers were on but nothing happened with the headlight wipers
Hard cold starting
Cannot get dtc codes from pin 8 because lights immediately when connecting blinker code reader and will not go off. Getting code 10 from cc/isc module which indicates bad signal from bm module, i think.
Recently my headlights have stopped working. I was chasing an issue with my taillights and it seems to have migrated. I was having one tail light come on but not the other. Thought it may have been the tail light housing but it checks out. Tinkered with it and thought I had it fixed. Once I turned my headlight switch to test it I realized that I had no headlights. Any help would be appreciated
manual tells you what causes alarm to activate but does not tell you how to deactivate
Because it loses power . So you have to turn the key on and off and hold the switch to close.
Without holding the switch down to close and turn the key on and off
Also on the center panel in car.
At first it would start when i turned the key on , I could go a few blocks turn the key off and then back on and it would stop. Lately its been just staying on.
a/c fan motor squeaking and I want to replace it
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