1990 Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Questions

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just started
fuel pump on left side of engine has a leak
Son has a 1981 300SD that cranks but will not start. We have checked the fuel lines, changed filters, primed, checked glow plugs, glow plug wires, fuel comes out of injector pump, comes out of the fuel lines at the injectors, we drained the tank and checked the screen at the bottom of the tank. Replaced the starter that was drawing 300 rather than the 190 that was recomended. New battery, checked the relay switches, tried starter fluid. The car ran when it was parked after being in Green Bay for several weeks so it made the 8 hour trip just fine a year ago last fall so it sat for 18 months and now cranks over occasionally sounds like it wants to start but does not follow through. thanks
The pump is off the engine.
The problem happens after driving at higway speeds for apbout a hour then the transmission will downshift onto lower gears and will not go back into 4th
Is there an access panel under the mat in the trunk?
Driver side door lock is jammed so that the key won't turn, lock or unlock. The lock itself works when locking from the passenger door. Tried jiggling, but no effect. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks!
this will be my only car my commute to work is 60 miles. the car is in excellent condition. do i do it?
top of the injection pump where the lines go in leaks fuel.i would like to no if theres o rings.and if i can change them my self.
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