1990 Mercedes-Benz 300TE Questions

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Don't know were the fuse box is at
It seems like it isn't going to start then when I put my foot down on the throttle it eventually fires. Mostly happens when it is warm.
This problem happens once it is warm
it has a strong cranking ut still wont turn over is there a reset switch or a fuse for the fuel i hear the pump running but it wont turn over first time this has ever happened
I know it's a wagon and is part of the "E" series, but what's the T for?
It pumps fluid through the system---back into resivour, but when you adjust the valve lever up & down, nothing happens---
stays in the down position. Rides fine, Air accumulators are new, plenty of fluid. Can it be that the valve is faulty and letting the fluid by-pass, instead of raising.
fluctuating voltage levels,flickering bulbs,cruise c. auto shuts.
My car is actually a 1988, but I wasn't given that choice
I have replaced the transmission with a new one. Replaced the O2 sensor, the cam sensor, the BDU, and had a full service on the car. All to no avail...The car is fine to drive around town, smooth responsive. On the freeway at higher speeds its great! great until you leave the freeway and then it stalls, leaving me with no power in a busy and dangerous situation. It has been checked, endlessly and repaired, according to the shop! A day later the engine light is back on and it stalls again. So, normal town speeds good, higher speeds good, until you slow down. Shop says its a engine management problem, but still they have not cured it. Any ideas?
All the other cabin lights works.
Occurs mostly in warm weather and occassionally while running. Thermostat stays pretty much at midrange. Replaced idle control valve and ran good for a while then problem recurred after a month.
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