1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Questions

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Dash lights come on, fan blows, power windows work, but no crank. Then it will always mysteriously works later... Some times minutes, some times hours. Suggestions on possible problem? Sometimes week can use it for weeks with no problem, other times will not crank when attempting to start several times in a given week.
is this an electrical or is it a haudrolic prblem, the fuses are ok
was running great parked for a week would not start. replaced distributor cap and rotor, cam and crank position sensors. ecm and ezl checked all fuses has correct fuel pressure showed code for oxygen sensor which was also replaced along with ignition switch. mechanic has gave up on vehicle

How do you replace the power steering fluids your
I remove hard top and soft top was operatin fine then I put hard top on and could not get it to lock on the back just the front part locked, so I remove hard top manually and now the soft top wont work?
The light has been recent.
The red light on the roof switch flashes and also there is a beeping noise .... Please give any advice you can .... Thanks
I had the front bumper replaced and now the oirginal temperature sensor that gives the outside temperature reading on the instrument cluster is dark. What are the steps in correcting this problem? Does the whole thing need to be replaced?
oil is good and seems to be normal otherwise. gages normal. at idle it does not do this.
Bought a new MB mahoangey shifter. Is it easy to change? New one has treads and a small slot on the bottom
Should i change the chip to get more horsepower/ect. And will it screw up the engine . What would be a good chip to buy?
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