1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Questions

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When I spray starter fluid in the fuel chamber it will start and run for a minuet and stop.

What transmission is in this car 3 speed or 4 speed?

I have checked the fuel pump ;is there a fuel pressure sensor and if so where is it? Can anyone please help!!!!!!

The light in the back light will not turn off. I need top know what to do to turn it off? Is there a switch?

And if so is it better to buy a brand new one or is getting a rebuilt one just as good thanks and I look forward to my answer

Key will not turn ignition on to start car. I need to replace the ignition key barrel assembly. I cannot take the barrel out as the steering lock is on. How do i remove the assembly from car.

Auto Havac control hen set for heating but warm air is not blown into?

I have never owned a Mercedes before. The vehicle I recently purchased does not have any information on how to operate any of the controls or what they are. For instance, I need to know how to use the heater, fans, etc. Please help!!!

I need the light to be on to read the position of the auto transmission at night.

car will take off and when it decelerates it will cut will re start some times right away and other times it wont. It will idle.sometimes it will barely accelerate or pick-up the fuel. car had sat for 4 yrs. installed new fuel pump,filter,fuelline ,and a used fuel distributor. any advice will be greatly appreciated.

fuel leaking from the rear middle of car when motor is running