1993 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Questions

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just had the transmission rebuild about a year ago ....the car has been sitting for about three days
turned key turned over no start stoped turned key 100 times be for it would turn over stoped maybe turned key 100 more times befor it turned over again
keys are locked in trunk battery is dead how can I get into trunk
My tale light and dashboard light in not coming on what do I need to do
Have fuel pressure, died while driving.
this milky brown layer on coolant . engine is running fine. does not heat up. no smoke from engine. no issues so far. i think its oil n coolant mix. but why is it?
i cannot engage my cruise control.what could be the possible reason?
my car's radio asked for a code. i entered the code but now it shows a sign E2. what should i do?
my car's ac/heater is nt working. i see the panel works but there is no response when i turn it seems like the rpm do move a bit like it moves when ac is turned on. what could b the problem?
My car ran perfectly. I let it sit in storage for 5 years and some creeps stole my catalytic converter. The car was running fine until I had the new cat. conv. and muffler etc put on. Now it will start but won't make it 2 blocks. Seems to b starving for fuel. I replaced the fuel filter and fuel pumps but it is still doing it. Any suggestions?
They click yet they aren't taut the first time so I re-click and sometimes they tighten then.
my car will not start, well it does start but it turns until the battery is drained or until i manually feed it gas, then i get light smoke as it fires up and a smell of course. After it starts the first time i have no issues again until i let the car sit for 2-3 days then it happens, is it my fuel pressure switch or what... any advice will be appreciated... this was bought as a project car and i want to fully restore after i figure up these issues
some days i can get into my car and turn my wiper switch and the wipers will work for about 5 minutes and stop other days i can not get a thing out of the switch...everything else on the switch works, when pressed in it squirts water and signals all work my motor bad or the switch? also i can see that my front passenger side light wiper will be stuck upwards when i get out of the car to this all on the same relay or system? thanks u all much for any info!
every morning i get into my car start it and even if i was to briefly sit and warm it up the transmission hesitates to shift out of first gear and into second, however once it does it will not shift back down to first gear the remainder of the day....then the next day it does it again. shirts 2-4 effortlessly but will not go back into first...i am not even sure if this is a 4 or 5 speed because of the issue but shift lever says (4-overdrive) however a downloaded manual says these were 5-6 speeds...1993 mb 300 se...thanks in advance for any answers as I am puzzled
well i have an asr and abs light on in my car that constantly stays on after i begin driving and seems as if i cant gas the vehicle as it will cut back like its trying to receive the gas but no soon as i let off a bit it gets full throttle like feeling,a mech told me that this would affect the speeds i can take off due to some sensor. what will get these two lights out?? thanks in advance
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