1992 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Questions

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I changed the blower motor an resistor now my compressor want engage but it was before i changed out the part an no fuses are blown how to get it to engage again.
Have replaced base module, and instrument cluster. Fuses 17, 23, and 24 appear to power cluster. 17 is hot all the time. 23 and 24 hot with key on but power is apparently interrupted between fuse and cluster.

Also A/C clutch will not engage maybe because tach is inoperable.

compressor did not come on when adding refrigerant....fuse under hood is not blown...? compressor does work, checked with jumper wire....
About a week a go I was checking the oil and the stick got jammed into the little pipe. When I tried to pull it out it went all the way in. It's been driving fine. The coolant light came on a few times and I continued to add anti-freeze forgetting I had jammed the oil stick. Today I noticed a lot of smoke coming from under the hood. when I checked under the hood I noticed a lot of oil and coolant. I pulled over and had a mechanic pull the oil reader out, but the car continues to spit out oil and coolant?
When reaching high speed on freeway makes a click sound and it shuts down.
Need to check it, car stalls out after warm up, loses idle and dies
also any tips on how to keep the rolling middle console from getting of its tracks?
I need to replace the defective headlight switch on a 1992 300SE.
i recently changed the oil in my 1992 mercedes 300se.a few weeks later the oil light came on and the engine oil was completely gone. it isnt leaking out and the engine isnt smoking or anything. The engine is in good condition and only has 135000 on it. I used 10w40 oil in it. It is also a gas engine.
Pl's tell me how to remove this blower motor
Hi my car was warming up and went too move. It stopped like it was running out of gas and stopped it started again then stalled again i put petrol in it thinkiing that was the problem but now it wont start at all just turns over thanks
i can't start the because of a bad ignition switch
The left side turn signal lights (front and rear) remain fully lit during operation of the car (without activating the signal lever) and remain on even after the engine has been turned off. This, obviously, results in the battery being drained to zero charge if not used and recharged every day or so. Is this a problem in the ignition switch or, as has been suggested to me, in a combination relay? Would a junkyard be a good place to try or is buying used electrical equipment there a bad idea? (I'm assuming that the dealer price for a new part may be prohibitive or not cost-effective for such an old car). Thanks in advance.
need head bolt torque specs for 1992 300se
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