1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Questions

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I need to replace the radio without messing the car up.
What happening when your button to the power window works sometime is it the button/window regularater or what please help if you can thankyou.
does not handle well and rides real rough and is all over the road
plugs, fuel to carb, but no fuel to injectors. Is there a relay or something?
I have to turn the key in the ignition multiple times before the car turns over and start. Also my car idles very low.
could it be spark plugs n wires
I have to push down on the pedal one or two inches before the rpm happens.
I need to know if my Radiator is Copper, Aluminum, or what?
This was after battery was dead and jump start, odometer, speedometer, tach, oil pressure, engine temp. all needles dead. what is best way to DIY troubleshoot
I have a question regarding to Air pump on 1991, 300SE.
The car has 200K miles. We are trying to see if we might have to replace air pump or not, because of miles and age. (The air pump seems like an original, has not been replaced.)
To turn pulley of air pump by hands. It's seems like hard to turn the pulley by hands. I am wondering if it is normal or not? How do we know, if air pump would need to be replaced? Thanks in advance for your help.
I recently replaced the front brake pads and now the abs light is staying on - do I need to reset the system ?
my wife hit a large roch and damaged the oil pan, I bought a new one and trying to remove the old one. I am trying to lift the engine to remove old pan and the motormounts have a hex nut up inside as well as several bolts on the motor holding the motor mount in. whick one do I pull, the hex nut is 8mm and will not budge
what is the best price to install an evaporator in 1991 m/b 300se
Thanks Greg
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