1992 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Questions

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the horn no longer works and I don't know where it is located to fix or replace it.
Hi, I am having a heat issue with my vehicle. The heater hose that connects to the heat core is disconnected. The reason is, because of suspected leak in the heat core, I wanted to know if I can plug it back in and pour a sealant in my coolant reserviour so that it can seal the leak, and I can get my supposed heat back on.

Let me know that you think, and I appreciate the answers!
I saw a contact under the name visitor that had a similar problem. What was the solution? Thanks
Problems to remove the auxiliary.
How to fix a fuel leak from the retangular-shape plate cover fasten with 8 boltd to the side of the Injection pump body. Is there any disassembly drawing of the Injection pump available? Please notify me by email when my question has been answered. My email is
when i put the car in reverse the engine revs up and jerks in to reverse. also the ac or heat wnt blow out the vents
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Prior to no start, engine wouldcrank weakly, as if battery was dying but would start right up with jump. Battery is charged. After no start, cleaned terminals and cable ends of corrosion. After tightening ends to terminals, now car makes loud buzzing (not clicking) noise as soon as I turn key, before cranking.
I have not done a compression test, but the head gasket is suppossed to be blown. Now my question is will this keep it from running?
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