1993 Mercedes-Benz 300E Questions

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2 nd gear will slip then went i let up on gas pedal it will shift ??
coil pack not working
car was running and all of an sudden I lose spark plug fire
Goes up and down. Car has 239k and is ready to go in for 3k oil change.
After I took my car to this Benz shop in Mesquite, TX for transmission serving, a few days later when I start the car in the cold months, it shakes vigorously and sometimes I have to start it 3 or 4 times then let it sit for about 15 minutes before I can drive it otherwise it shakes a lot then dies. However, it always easily starts up. Does the AirFlow sensor has anything to do with the temperature? I installed a new Air Flow Sensor and it seems a little better, but it still shakes and I have to still let it idle for a few minutes before driving. In the summer months it starts and run fine. Can anyone help? I dont drive it much in the winter months because it takes too long to idle up. I may just sell it.
the car has sat for five years
I replaced the idle air control valve because when the car is warmed up and I come to a full stop at idle with the car in drive, the idle drops too low, below 500 rpms. A mechanic cleaned the electrical plug which plugs into a component that is also connected to the idle control valve and it worked fine for a few days but now the too low idle has returned.? I thought the microprocessor might be bad but I don't know what, where or how much it is.
need help asap
How difficult to replace evaporator??
I was the fortunate low bidder on a Mercedes 300E (1993) on Ebay and didn't read the fine print. It states that it has a noise in the bearings and the muffler is really loud. Any idea what I will need to do to repair this car and what kind of cost range are we talking about? I bought this for my nephew who is in the 10th grade and just turned 16. I don't want to go crazy but would like it to be safe. Help appreciated.
car would not start after it had been running, until it cooled off. Then would not start. It had no fuel pressure, so I replaced both fuel pumps. It ran fine the first day, then after about 2 miles, it shut down and wouldn't start back. I need a schematic.
i have a 1993 mercedes 300E 2.8 i had to change the valve cover gaskit because i was getting oil pooling around the spark plugs i also changed the spark plugs. aftern that my car wouldnt start it turns over fine i replaced the plug wires and the 3 coils and still nothing just turns over i checked the spark and relized im only getting spark from the first coil nothing els is sparking im lost on what to do next. any help would be greatly appreciated
my car is running rich,i changed injectors,fuel filter,and spark plugs
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