1992 Mercedes-Benz 300E Questions

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Central locking system does not work, vacuum pump works when I put power direct to the motor. Neither driver or passenger side door works.
New spark plugs and battery only and gas. Ordered a fuel pump although
started right up and ran fine. now all of a sudden it just turns over and wont start. please help
The deferential censer is flat on the bottom or it suppost to look like the wheel censer with the little bar that go into the sprocket down inside and set on the bottom of the censer?
Would it make the abs light stay on?
when it is turn on it comes on but goes off after it reaches the set speed like seconds.
The power steering pump or could that be a belt that is to loose,or tight?
I have a good batt good charging 14.5 volts when car running.
When I start car I get a cleck With a jump car starts . Turn car off try to start just a cleck Chech batt.and it still holding 14.3.
Can you help

Thanks Ron
hood does not close all the way
i can turn the key of the trunk and lock or open the car doors but the trunk will not open
failed smog test; failed obd system checks-because light doesn't come with key, hc=282/max allowed=56 @25mph, co=1.62/max allowed=.39@25mph. already replaced the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter prior to the test. cars hard to start cold, once started runs a little rough for the first minute or so. starts fast and easy once warmed up. idles so smooth you hardly know its on once warmed up. sometimes at idle the rpm climbs over 1000, I can tap the accelerator pedal and it drops back to about 700. lacks power, builds up slowly and top speed is only about 100 mph (2.6L eng) air filter clean, spark plugs new, spark plug wires new, dist. cap and rotor new and clean, used fuel system cleaner. any help is appreciated thank-you.
Does anyone know what these codes mean? Help Please!
it was running good then it quit
what would cause high idle rpm test
cooling fan only one come on
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