1990 Mercedes-Benz 300CE Questions

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cant get the car to start. the mechanic says it needs a " fuel divider"
Wont pass smog.
Compression check compressions are 75lbs, 135 lbs, 190lbs, 175lbs, 160lbs and 185 lbs
vehicle has a hard or no shift from 1st to 2nd when cold but will shift normal once warmed up
will not start when hot
i replaced the crank sensor (front) still have the same problem
Just bought starter whats the next thing it wont even turn over wont crank put key in everything comes on i hear fuel pump kick in im lost
i jus dont no which bushing it is or all or should i replace all cuz im down there anyway someone help me save some money please
Any good mechanics near Flint, MI?
The rattling noise occurs while driving, all bumps and manhole covers. Sounds like the middle of the car. Sounds like a heat shield or thin tin sound. When its up on a hoist I cannot make the noise happen. Not exhaust or catylyst.
i replaced front springs an struts an the car sits low in the front an its lower on driver front then passenger side.when i hit a bump it still hits hard as if i didnt do anything to it.. whats left to look at??? or what could it be?
has new plugs wires cap and rotor button has rough idool worse when in gear but smooths out at higher rpm
My friend gave me the 1990 Mercedes-Benz. When I cranked up the car the radio shows the word WAITING. I read the owners manual and didn't help.
Please Help Me.
how do I reactivate radio since I change the Battery? I turn on Radio and it 's saying please wait nothing happends
i wonder why my rear tire keep wearing off in one side &so fast?
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