1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E Questions

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Also from a cold start the transmission will shift out of first but won't go to second or third the fluid has been changed and it's up to level the Boden cable is on and the trans fluid is clean
While driving the car and turn the corner the motor cuts off, it starts up again as soon as the car is in a straight forward position
Hello. I've purchased a '93 190E in great condition with the exception that it is running rough and seems to misfire on 2 cylinders. Once it's up to speed it seems fine, but not at idle. Could this be timing, some sort of sensor, valve or ??? Any thoughts as what I should look at?

Thanks for any help. Geof
At my wits end. Have replaced the obvious suspects, plugs, air filter, cat etc. and even the IACV to no avail. Want to fix problem, not just throw money at it and am currently about $60 from my waiver. Please help!!
how can i instal a compressor from c220 or other mercedes engines??? for more power?

Generally the car starts fine, drive 5 to 10 miles , press the accelerator and there is no response from the engine, Engine hesitates - will occasionally give a slight backfire ( coming from Air intake ? ). Press accelerator to the floor and the situation seems to work itself out after a mile or two.
Bought the car 6 monts ago with 51,000 miles - car is in like new condition.
One lady owner.
What can I check next to get spark?
Im a diy. Would like imformation on all relays and location of motor mounts.
in the coolant pump, there is a run-off hose that continually drips coolant.why?
is there a problem with my thermostat? i recently changed the thermostat-housing because of a crack. do i need a gasket in there too for a vacuum seal or something? HELP
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