1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E Questions

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It started to leak coolant on drivers side footwell and lots of steam out of all the vents. Temp gauge shot up to the limit. I was just1 block from my house so I limped it home. No damage to the engine I'm pretty sure.
how do i know if my drive shaft needs to be replaced
It all started with my headlights going on and off. Mechanic said that I needed to replace the light switch. Then the door locking mechanism had to be replaced.
I am not getting spark from coil. What do I need to do to check if it is the coil or something else
Person who did smog test told me to put guaranteed to pass liquid but still didn't pass. Said something about cadillac converter
all ready remove valve cover distributor cap and rad fr car i can see marks on camshaft timing chain gear crankshaft set to, #0 tdc # 1 piston at tdc looks good but crankshaft moves 1/4 inch or more before camshaft do is this ok how mush movement should we have
whines when driving and three of the electric windows don't work
i was told that when smogging mbz the car cant be put on racks. i lost my car for 7 months last time i had smog. Scared have you heard of this. My transmission would not move from 1st gear
1992 Mercedes 190E 4 cylinder
The lock tumbler on the driver's side turns with the key and does not open the door. The lock on the passenger's side works fine. Both the steering wheel and ignition are frozen; the wheel won't turn and the ignition key won't turn. The car has a brand new Die Hard battery and there has not been a problem starting it until now.
I found the compartment n the trunk but. What do I use the 16mm socket to turn?
had car at dealer, fixed vacume leak last wk. light off for about 3 days then back on ?
wanna be as profesional and clean as possible
please reply ASAP, its Summertime
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