Q: Mechanic Costs on 2003 Ford Escape

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What would a fair price from a mechanic be for turning 2 front rotors and cleaning throttle plate and airflow sensor?
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it pays .5 hours per rotor to resurface according to my books.

throttle body service runs about 30

you do not clean todays throttle body's due to the coatings on the plate. air flow sensors are the same. cleaning rarely works.

Frankly, it's often better just to put in new rotors given the small price difference and sometimes questionable outcome of turning..Turning rotors is my area can cost 16 each and new rotors can be had for 30.
Thank you for the answers. I had new front rotors put on my 03 Escape three years ago and recently experienced squeaking when brakes were applied, so after a trip to a mechanic and $90 later I now have 2 turned rotors--I guess that was not the best option for me to take. In response to the throttle plate and airflow sensor I have had the IAC replaced twice and after some trouble starting the vehicle(the same trouble before the two new IAC's) I figured I would have to have another IAC, but $60.00 later I now have a cleaned throttle plate and airflow sensor which rarely works---Hummm! Thank you for your honest answers!