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My car has been doing this for a year or so now, when I'm driving long distances i'll go maybe 80 mph for and hour. My check engine light flashes and i can no longer accelerate. So i this means i have to pull over for a moment let the engine recent and them be happily on my way. The codes read that there is a misfire in cylinder 1 & 4. After receiving this diagnosis i have since changed the crankshaft position sensor, all spark plugs and coils, resealed engine block and cleaned off carbon build up, so far nothing has fixed the issue. Each time i have tried to replicate the issue i am able to after driving 75 to 85 mph for over an hour.
Where is the fuel filter located on a Mazda 2006 Tribute V6 3.0
driving at 90-mph with the cruse control on and the trans. seemed to go into neutral, the O/D light flashing off and we had no gear that would engage, not drive 3 ,2, 1, nor reverse
Diagnostic test says fuel rail sensor or pressure sensor. Car can't pass emission treat until light is off. P.s. - battery disconnect did not get it to pass smog test.
Thank you for your advice on a fair repair price.
I also had to make a new key at the dealership and the abs light is on I tried jump starting it and nothing just a clicking sound when I turn the key all the lights come on bright
Into gear what that mean the transmission is damaged.
If I hotwire the starter it makes a spinning sound but will not engage. I swapped the relays around but no luck there. All fuses look good unless I missed one. ????? It was driving fine. Just parked it and that was it.
when I put my car in gear it will die on me
My ABS light stays on and the 4WD light flashes off and on about every minute or so. Also the speedometer says im going way faster than i really am and bounces up and down. U also can actually feel the brakes acting crazy
Pressure is good but still blows hot air. Fuses and relays are good. Is it possible that there's still something wrong with the compressor?
car will restart but dies when it is put into gear. The car works fine when it is cold or only run for a short time.
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