2005 Mazda Tribute Questions

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Is overheating, leaking oil, leaking antifreeze or water, blowing cold air instead of hot air, accelerates without me pushing the gas. Could it be the heater core or something else
Put in new thermostat . coolant level good let it run to normal tempature still blows cold air
my shifter is stuck in park and my break lights aren't on
Starter drags even with brand new battery. Won't start like battery is dead.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Heat
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
I just bought it a month ago from a small lot that says it's a one owner vehicle...but they have no other history...I bought it as is...doesn't seem to have any other problems, except for cracks in front windshield which I intend to replace when funds allow.
Both fans stopped working and contacts from relay shows shorting,no power goes to the ngine fans
Is the sensor located under the hood around the motor area or around the fuel tank area?
was driving the car it just stopped running tried to restart by after a few time the battery was dead. I tried to jump it. try to start it but it ran ruff and had a engine light on but it stopped running again
mechanic replaced the pcm and "said" it was flashed to vehicle and ready to go.i picked it up and drove it a little while and lights came on on dash. took it to another mechanic, he hooked it up to his diagnostic computer and it kept comming up with mismatched vin #'s the pcm tells the transmission when to shift and it wasnt comunicating with any of the other systems. please help. i NEED answers.
Every time I apply the brakes the brake pad goes all the way down.
where is it located?
I SUV has 46000 miles on it, my a/c stop putting cold air out it went back freon check is full but there's a noise coming from under the hood sound like may be about dirt compressor or something like that going what is it and how can I fix it
ive had trouble with car not charging the battery symble light coming on time before i jacked the car up airhosed itout tap on it with hamer the light went out it started back chging that lasted two months now it has stoped chging i am going to relace it iwould like to know if the alternator will come out bottom please help
4 cylinder 2.3 liter motor
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