2003 Mazda Tribute Questions

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My Tribute beeps for 5 times set of 3 beeps every time after I start,and repeat it every 30 minuets.
So my check engine light is on since i bought my Tribute,I took it and replace anything my Mechanic told that has to be replaced,(such as coils,plugs,air sensor, exhaust..) but no one could figure why the light not goes off,as why my car beeps,please help me,I'm sick of it.
no engine light came on garage diagnosed as convertors replaced firewall side and mainifold side still the same problem also replaced egr sensor.
when try to drive it step on gas no power will to rev to over 3000 and maximum speed will be 30 kms after 15 meters of driving brake pedal will freeze. cannot stop.
Blows hot air takes 5-6 hours for freon to leak out no leaks with dye
How long have you had this problem? A week
The steering wheel is dark ,the park and gear indicator is dark and the door panel is dark...I've checked fuses with no luck
Rear hatch does not engage.don't know if this has an effect.It didn't for the last two weeks
What can i do to prevent this from happening again
I've already replaced the bulb and the regular headlight is working fine, but I'm concerned about it happening again. If the whole bulb was shot, why would the high beams still work?
Ever since I purchased the car, preowned so no warranty, I've had issues with the driver's side headlight bulb. It burns out at least once a year and I have to replace it. The last time I replaced it, I noticed the wire leading to the headlight was a bit melted,but after I changed the bulb, it worked with no issues. Is this something I should be concerned about? The light seems to be functioning fine since I replaced the bulb.
My airbag light came on the other day and it has not turned off since. I wasn't in an accident,driving on a bumpy road, or really, doing anything that should have caused it to come on. How can I turn it off?
water in car
Engine runs rough at idle and low RPM's, with check engine light flashing. Codes P0205, P0305
I just need to know how and the location of the hose.
It tried to crank but wouldn't. What is wrong?
Had a sudden episode of trying to crank but wouldn't.. What could it be
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