2002 Mazda Tribute Questions

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Does it have an adjustable clutch quadrant. When changing gears it doesnt engage till very last bit when letting the clutch out.
My 02 Mazda has gotten very loud recently I'm not sure yet what it is. I'm hoping someone can help me on here. It has gotten really really loud it sounds like a muffler problem which I had had fixed not even a year ago. It sounds like it's coming from the hood but also from the muffler I'm not really sure I'm going to take it to the shop but I was hoping someone on here can help me out on maybe what it could be first. It stays loud and even louder when I press the gas. Please any help would be amazing! Thanks
My car at one time I went for engine wash and just that time it started shaking when I start it and fuel finishing fast. My Mechanic tried to look for a problem and found it was Ignition cable No. 4 not working.
02 Mazda tribute has a fan problem or overheating problem.Tested the relays and the thermostat also the CTS and pig tail going to it ,they seem to be in working order .When I unplug my CTS fans come on also when defrost or air they come on low speed,high speed when I unplug CTS .Also I was checking the pig tail going to the CTS and when I touched the hot side fans went off.Also my temp gauge never goes above half way.need lil help.thanks
odlight flashhedonand offthencarjustslowlydiedthen drove5mtresnext daywhatnext?
model not listed in your list
If you push the button on top of the steering column it will work a few times aftetwards and then the problem returns.
You lift the back seat where the gas tank is and there is a puddle of gas just sitting under the seat where my 3 kids usually sit. What is causing it to leak like that? I can't roll the windows down without inhaling the fumes from the gas. I purchased the car like this. They told me there was no leak, because there was no puddle under the car. They never checked under the seat. Please help!!!!
Twice brought to mechanic to adjust height. He said he bled brakes but no change in height. Sometimes my foot catches corner of gas pedal when I apply brakes.
Sometimes I have to rock the car or park it on an incline to hear a click so that it will start again after I have turned the car off.
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