2001 Mazda Tribute Questions

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There was hesitation upon acceleration, the car was shaking
I started my car this morning, but, when I attempted to shift into any other gear the transmission would not engage any other gears.
The car doesn't turn over. The engin just swings. But while it's trying to start the check engine light flashes.
How long have you had this problem? About a month, the car sat for a couple week then it's miraculously started and ran for a few days and the problem started again
Several other owners with this problem have fixed it by repairing a faulty wire...wores witch goe from pcm harness to injectors. Can you show me witch wires these are, including color codes and location.
Car was making a rattling/knocking noise and smoke was coming from car on highway.
After turning off ignition car wont start. Just makes a whirring noise.
New alternator and battery.
wont sift out of park,over drive not working, no indicating park,drive frame,wont start
it will crank without a hitch and not even attempt to kick over
It is underneath the manifold
I started my Mazda tribute 2001(Automatic transmission) this morning after a whole night of rest. However, when I start the engine, it starts and i leave it for 3 mins just to heat up the engine. When I engage it to 1, it moves and then it dies and never start again.
Thank you very much.
Replaced computer twice...each time was because the rpm would go up to 3 when in park and not go down at all until slammed into drive or reverse drives fine but when placed back in park revs up again....problem is fixed when new computer is in and the car ran fine for 2 months then it happened again so got a new one on the warranty. ...then 6 months and now its doing it again..first start in the morning it wont do it....but after driven and put into park it does it all day long until it sits over night again.....Ive had 2 mechanics argue back and fourth telling eachother they dont know what they are talking about....truck has 156,000 on it and I need it for 6 more months. ...if any one has insight please let me know
has 2 piece drive shaft front cv was replaces and u joint for front section.
I changes oil regularly and a interor motor bearing went bad
The vehicle is stalling after shifting gears and now stalls and kills the battery
Driving back home and wen i went to turn at lights as i just got around the corner the car just died i opened the bonett and a wire was smoking. Car wont start now and everytime we try the wire smokes, the car acc all work but theres no kick wen turning the car on as the motor isnt turning. Checked the battery and all is fine but have no clue why car wont start and wire keeps melting and smoking. Do i have any ideas?
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