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I recently chamged out the c5ankshafy plate, did 20 stomp reset to clear the pc memory, changed plugs and wires, new oil chamged out, new anti lfreese put in after SSV removal & cleaning, still getting same codes and car will not accelerate like it has no power but revs over 2500 RPMs so I dont think its in limp mode...Can anyone help me out with possible fixes?
Drove into a puddle going between 20-25 mph, biggest mistake i did didnt see it coming. All the display lights lid up and the car began to stall from 45 mph to 30 then shut off. Ive replaced the radiator, ac condensor, wires and spark plugs. I tried to deflood the car using a technique from researching. Under tne hood, i took out the fuse to the fuel pump then try to start it but it wont crank or turn over. But when i put the fuse back in amd tried it, it turns over. Haven't tried the spark plug technique but will try it today.
This problem start over night, plus it's been taking 10 to 15 seconds to start in the past.
It rotates but won't start. It's been taking about 10 to 15 seconds to start up till now. It started this problem over night.
My RX8 is stalling on me. I have it at the dealer and they said I need to replace coils, spark plugs and clean out the carbon. My engine was replaced a few years ago and has only 10K miles on it. The dealer is wanting to charge me $1,500.00. This seems excessive. Can anyone give me an idea of what this should cost and the best place to bring my car to in Ft. Worth, TX? Thanks!!!
while at normal speed a sudden lose of power as i was braking all my gauges went to zero i shut the car off and massive steam engulfed the front of car. My temp gauge never read hot, and now it wont start.
Since it is probably a sensor, how far is it okay to drive it? If I depress the clutch, it seems to make the light go off sooner.
It will also shut off when i am driving. Sometimes it will take forever to start.
After allowing the car to idle for a while the check engine light came on and now is on every time I drive the car. The car has @44000.00 miles on it. Can I still drive it?
the ticking has happened for a long time,Iam not sure if it happened since new , the car runs great except for poor gas mileage
need a pic or something or web site to find one if possable
the code that came up saID O2 SENSER BANK 1
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