2004 Mazda RX-8 Questions

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I changed termistat but it still get s hot fans run water coming out of tail pipe
At cold start rpm starts at 2000 rpm drops to 1000 rpm. A few minutes pass then rpms jump rapidly up and down between 2000 rpm and 1000 rpm over several minutes and then settles to 1000 rpm then runs/start as normal until next day cold start.
Changed spark plugs and wires, changed coolant temp sensor, changed fuel pump already. After it dies at idle it doesn't want to start again right away. Then once started again it sits at about 750 rpm revs up to about 1100 rpm and back down again. This is without AC running.
Was driving fine RPM dropped very low no matter how much pressure I pressed on gas car wanted to turn off at stops then catalytic converter and muffler got cherry red hot.
It blew off while I was driving, pulled over, turned it off and it still started back up, towed it home and got a new clip and reconnected it now the car won't start, it still acts like it wants to start, I replaced the battery, and tried, still sounded the same but drains battery fast. Anyone know what's wrong?
Took car in for inspection keeps failing, misfire on cylinder 1,
I have changed ignition coils and wires,plugs but keeps failing
All new ignition coils, all new spark plugs, all new wires, a new battery and car wont start still. I dont think its the starter i hear it turning. Im assuming deflood? What other things could it be? How can i fix this i need it done asap.
My radiator was replaced about 4 months ago, is it possible the radiator was at fault?
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