2003 Mazda Protege5 Questions

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With the engine running if I open the oil fill i see positive pressure. Is this normal? Also there is an oil leak at the valve cover gasket (I guess as a consequence )
My car won't shift any higher than second gear
It used to stick in park and neutral. Now whenever I stop driving it won't engage park or reverse. It doesn't stick anymore and it shifts into gear, just won't engage.
Car runs fine and idles fine but vibrates in park and in drive, like when you stop and vibrates worse in reverse but also not moving.
broke alternator belt and timing sensor on crank replaced everything found 12 inches of black wire broken free from somewhere . now the car will not start i have have no spark
on the coil wires is there another sensor to tell the engine where the number one cylinder is
The check engine light comes on at the same time. .I had it checked, it was the speed sensor so I changed it. . Nothing else came up. . Then the next day Both the AT light flashed and the check engine. . Then they went off again
The check engine light came in and at the same time the TA light flashed. .I had it check and it said the speed sensor had to be changed, nothing else. . We change the speed sensor.. The light is off and then the next day the check engine light came on and the TA light flashed
my macnice change these parts thats i wrotre on top but problam still in car when stop intersciton no exilator car do vibration and feel like engion going to shut off

when slowing down and depressing the clutch my car stalls and i have to restart it again. i sometimes will have to do this a few times. sometimes the lights will go dim and the car won't start again until i let it sit for about 10 minutes
Think someone tried to break into car marks on front passenger rubber and torn slim Jim makes weird sound when use key or remote. Today my window was being rolled up and heard a crunch like glass breaking and window will not stay up how much is this going to cost and can I fix?
my check engine light came on and the code was for the coil pack. i replaced them both. before the light came on my car was losing power in first and second gear and hopping a bit. after i changed the packs it got way worse. i have to keep the rpms atleast 2300 just to keep the car from hopping. the check engine light turned off when i changed the packs so i have no way of checking codes. it is my only car and it is driving me insane.
When I start my car after its been sitting for a while (after a few hours have passed) a giant cloud of white smoke comes out of the tailpipe and it doesnt stop until the car warms up. I have to replenish the oil every four to five days. It seems to drive fine for the most part. But sometimes it feels like its pulling a bit. Ive had it checked out several times and no one can find the problem. I was told that they would have to open up the engine to find it... I got a quote of $3000 just to do that. Has anyone had this problem? Or can someone tell me what it could be? Do I need a whole new engine? Thanks for helping.
Can I run over size tires on my 2003 Protege5 195/55/16 or will they rub.
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