2002 Mazda Protege5 Questions

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I spun my tires on gravel a few days ago and right after the check engine light came on giving the knock sensor error code. The engine also appears to be leaking oil but I can't tell where its coming from. It is also leaking very inconsistently and the check engine light doesn't stay on all the time. Help?
Brakes have been a problem and Mazda technician found the left rear caliper to be badly worn and leaking. Right side is in better shape. They do not rebuild. Should I replace both rear calipers at once?
been sitting 1 yr. added fuel additive, using prem fuel, changed spark plugs, wires, coil packs, HELP
just changed the radiator and thermostat and when flushing I noticed oil in the coolant
When I come to a halt at a red light my car stutters. If I don't keep the RPM's at 1000 the car will stall. I've replaced spark plugs and wires, but the problem has yet to disappear. Any ideas to what may be causing this problem?

Also would anyone know where I could get cheap parts like bumpers, fenders etc?
I recently went to get my oil changed and found out there was splitting on the inner side of the two back snow tires. I looked at it and since the tires were about 3 years old, I decided to replace them. The head mechanic told me he was going to order me all weather tires and put them on the next day. He did so and the car drives great. However, I am concerned that once winter hits, the car is going to start spinning out easily since the two back tires aren't snow tires (my dad has had issues with this when he still had this car). The mechanic told me it shouldn't be an issue however I would like a second opinion from anyone who can help! Especially since I could bring the tires back and then upgrade to two more snow tires.

I have a mazda protégé 5 I change all the coil sparkplug and wires fuel pump and filter but the car still misfires when y push the gas start misfire but whe goes to 200 rpm runs good
Retapp & re thread kit available?
Didn't pass a safety due to my brake failure indicators...what are all/any possibilities and what would i need to fix it?
I heard there was a pulley issue for this model year. Not sure which pulley, and what type of alignment problem it is to know if I can make any modifications. It's not a "simple task" to change the belts on this model. let alone when it breaks or comes off, your stranded ( as it also turns the water pump ) unless you get somewhere quick before it oveheats.
when it is blinking car engine does not die but stepping on the gas makes no differance in car speed. once light goes back to solid on or off it runs fine. Toyota dealer did the 90,000 mile service made no differance they could not find the cause of the light coming on.
Auto zone coded read the engine and came up with code P0300 both before the service and after ( Random cylinder misfire detected )
engine sputtered...stopped car then started again, the engine revved and accelerated..was able to get car to slow...drove about 200 yards process repeated...but did not accelerate. I was able to drive home. Mechanic says it has a PO300 code but the car is driving fine. I had driven the car up a steep grade to and from and errand. I had a similar incciden occure several years back when I parked the car on a sleep misfired but resolved. Any ideas.??
Check engine will start blinking every time I go faster pass 60 mph or when trying to accelarate faster; the check engine starts blinking and will lose power, just wouldn't go even if you step on the gas. My mechanic does not have the interpretation for the code, saying need to bring to the dealer,(which will cost me arm and leg).

I need to clean the contacts
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