2003 Mazda Protege Questions

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I have changed out the fuel pump and the relay. What is weird is that the fuel pump will not come on when the key is put in the on position, which it used to, but will come on once you begin to crank the motor. It will not start on the initial crank but if I allow the pump to prime it will start on either the 2nd or 3rd cranking attempt. Once the car is started it runs smooth with no hesitation. Fuel mileage is better than before I changed out the pump. Any thought???!!!
My 2003 mazda protege lx has a hesitation issue only while my foot is on brake?
03 Protege. Locked brakes up yesterday to avoid hitting someone & stopped a few blocks later at a store but it wouldn't start 15 minutes later when I got back in it. I had noticed the muffler sounded louder than usual that morning before I hit the brakes & my steering seemed harder than normal. It tries turning over just won't start.
Vehilce: Mazda Protege 2003 Engine No. ZM658669

What is the seal size for the front crankshaft for
My 03 Mazda protege has a dual shift transmission. Recently it started having trouble down shifting. When I get to about 60 it won't go any faster no matter how much the pedal is down. I had it coded and it said the O2 sensor? But my check engine light is not on. My AT light is. If I go into each gear slowly and stay under 60 it's good though. Thoughts?? I've never had a dual shift before
What’s a fair price to replace my struts? Also a wheel alignment.
CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON. Have checked map/Iat , evap canister vent solenoid,evap solenoid valve, replaced fuel cap, reset light and will be off for a day
QUESTION IS SIMPLE ENOUGH...Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located . THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW....PERIOD !!!!!!!!!
I talked to auto parts guy about the issue and he said he would run Sea Foam through the vacuum hoses. I am not clear on what to do exactly. Instead, I unplugged the green passenger side plug and sprayed the connector and the plug with electric parts cleaner and reconnected. I reset my car battery. My check engine light came back on that same evening. I thought about replacing the VCTS solenoid, but I can't find the VCTS solenoid for my car online. The plug looks fine. I'll have to measure voltage. Any thoughts you may have on how to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.
Today we Caught a flat, jacked the car up, and took the front right tire off. Suddenly, the jack fails. Then, the car comes down on the front right rotor brake. We put the spare tire on and started the car but when i attempted to accelerate the car didn't move, it just hesitated and made a noise. But if I would have pressed the issue for the car to go with rapid speed something would've crack/broke.
When closing the window and turning the lights on, A buzzing started around the dash area.
What size is the drivers side window?
The drivers side of the motor. Now a week later I'm driving down the road as I slow down to a yield sign the car dies!! It will turn over but not crank! Please help me ???
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