2000 Mazda Protege Questions

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It cuts off...could it be my slave and master cylinders?
I just replaced to alternator and now the car is having power serge when I accelerate yo a speed of over 40. The power bogs down and the air conditioner blows real hard, the rpms are going high and staying high and the battery light is coming on. When i slow down the light goes off. The battery has acid coming out from the power serge. Please help. Thanks.
I was going 60mph on the freeway and heard a loud revving sound, I then noticed as I pressed the accelerator, my car wouldn't go any faster. I got off the freeway and got onto the street, my car would keep making that same sound every time I would hit 40 almost as if it wouldn't change to the next gear or something... My car only has 106k miles on it.
My husband just replaced the clutch on my car. We have no manual and he does not know how much of the trans. fluid to put back into it. He does not know how much and he has put in it out of the 3 quart jug I bought. PLEASE get back to me soon!!!
We checked a few things but are not sure. It hesitate to stop sometimes and jerks when you put it in gear to drive. The muffler noise it makes is lowered when driving and it accelerate but does not go pass 30-40 mph. The more stops it makes while driving it slowly gets worse and it smokes in the back of the engine.
My car is automatic, when turned on and I put it in drive mode to go forward automatically switches overdrive light flashing and no running forward. I turn it off immediately and I come on and the problem is going. This makes it all day every time I boot drive. It can be and how do I fix? I'm a girl and not much these things.
Tourqe specs
Head gasket
On under my door it says Displacement 1800 but on the outside of the car I have an LX sticker. I looks like this combination doesn't exist. I've looked everywhere online for my trim and it says LX are supposed to have 1.6l engines.

I've already ordered the wrong brake pads once. Is there a way to know which brake pads I should order?

Please help! thanks!
Friend swears it's cracked head. I'm hoping jumped timing.No water in oil.
Fuel pressure is fine but when I try to start it acts like its starting and then doesn't
Was stopped at an intersection,engine started running very rough. I pressed down on gas pedal it ran fine for a few seconds then died. Try to start engine it will start and run for a few seconds then die. What's wrong?
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