1999 Mazda Protege Questions

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Running light stopped working, changed it, after putting the left brake light back on the car, no lights worked on the back left of the car. Ive never had wiring issues before.
1999 protege
the part is out of manufacture
i want to know if there is a work-around, or other compatible parts
I would also need to warm up my car for like 30 min. to an hour in order for it to actually move. Now my overdrive light is blinking continuously even when I push the button on the shifter and my check engine light stays on. Please, I need to know what's wrong koz it's the only transportation I have. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
My car key got broken and a part of it got stuck inside the ignition switch
Replaced the alternator and had battery checked. All was good. Cleaned all the grounds. Checked all the fuses. Traced the ground cable all connections were good. Replaced the PCM and still have this problem. Any other ideas?
I have read there is a temp sensor for the ECU (not the gage) that if reads hi will not allow the A/C to run. where is this bad boy located??
Was too much rain and now at morning he wont's start he try but but nothing
My little sister had a 99 Mazda that was sold with no sound from the radio but the radio lights up. They said all it needs is a new radio so I bought her one and my fiancé put it in and the same thing! But the speakers aren't crackling like they're blown either. Any suggestions?? Thanks
I have had this car for a while now. The belt has been replaced four times in the last three months. This car is used. I got it from a really shady guy but the car it's self is not to bad this is a starter car. I just need to find out why the car keeps having problems shredding the belt. I have noticed when I have driven the car I have to give it some gas then let it set so the squealing will stop and then when I press on the breaks the squealing comes back when I used the gas again...
Airbag light shows that bags deployed, but they didn't. Can jump start it, or use battery charger and it'll fire, but eventually dies. Took cables off battery and it runs, so the alternator isn't bad. Why does it keep doing this?
the fan belt turns when trying to start car would this happen if timing belt is broken
Motor cut off stopped tried to restart but just turns over not starting with fuild
This happens within a space of 1 hrs interval
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