1992 Mazda Protege Questions

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I have Spark going int the coil but no spark coming out of coil. So obviously got a new coil and still did not fix problem. Distributor is turning. Has new cap and rotor. I did notice that when you turn the key on the engine light is not coming on. ECU maybe? Or Ignition control module? It will crank over fine but will not start. Please help! If anyone has had this problem and knows a solution please let me know. thanks.
Checked all fuses and bulbs and replaced switch on brak
Mazda protege 1992 has no power steering been driving for a year had started to over heat shut off then wen turning back on I drove about a foot b4 I noticed staring wheel won't turn
Car starts when cooled down but not cold.after driven will not start till cool down..makes no noise when key is turned to start.
Car starts when cooled down but not cold.after driven will not start till cool down..makes no noise when key is turned to start.
1992 Mazda Protege, 113K original owner miles. Runs good but the "Hold" warning light is blinking...
There "could" be some hesitation when moving out from a stop sign...little maybe a "clunk"...but it does run OK.
Started months ago,(wife says) on for a while blinking, then out for weeks at a it's back on blinking. Everything works fine. A/C could be a little colder. Mechanic installed re-manufactured compressor, and changed to R-136A...just not cold enough..this is Clearwater,FL.
My timing belt broke while going down the road and I coasted to side of road. After getting new belt on, it won't start. My engine is a BP 1800 DOHC.
When I turn on the motor, the over drive transmission light goes on and off and once I begin to drive the car it feels heavy and slow. It does not properly change gears when its suppose to. The little button on the side of the shift does not respond when I press it. Please help me. Thank you!
the vehicle cut off while driving home , had the watre pump timming belt and distributor replaced . will notstart .
electrical warning light came on suddenly.It is raining.would that be why or is it something else?
My garage has handled surging problems which involved the computer (two years ago). The other day as I was pulling into a parking space and just about to turn off the car, it rapidly accelerated. I through it into reverse so I wouldn't fly into the building and it continued accelerating until I put it in neutral. It was towed to my garage where they could find nothing wrong with it!
When im driving,its hard to pick up speeds sometimes because the back brakes seem to drag.Its alot like im driving with my emergency brake on.It dont do it all the time though.

Update:Its the front and back brakes,disc brakes all around.
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