1990 Mazda Protege Questions

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I downshift but it still gets slower & slower. I had to drive in 2nd at about 20 mph on a 6 to 7% uphill grade. Doesn't use oil, runs great in the city.
not blowing cold air ,will not work on level four
i need a picture of the engine to see where its located at
water pump licking, the car is over heating
when i have about 1/4 or less gas left in my fuel tank car kinda chokes when turning and giving it gas on the corners, but when it straightens out it works fine. could it be water in my fuel tank?
currently was driving it and parked. when i started it and went down the road i had noticed that the speedometer had quit working. what would be the cause of that?
New fuel pump quit working. Took it out and replaced it. Found the fuel sock had basically disolved for some reason. Bits of sock in gas tank. Cleaned out, put in new pump and sock. Hard to crank now, take 10 times to get it to crank. Thinking Fuel filter may be clogged with bits of fuel pump sock. Does this sound resonable as cause of problem. Replace fuel filter? if so, don't know where it is?
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