1992 Mazda Navajo Questions

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Once it is warm and running it hesitates like it's getting no gas and when going up hill the engine light comes on until I let off the gas. Was told it's either the fuel filter or the ground to the ecm has come loose.
Two gauges in the dash are not working, the gauge that tells you when the car is over heating, how warm your car is and the RPM gauge works sometimes and other times it don't.
it burns a lot of gas.
I am replacing the actuator motor which had been stolen. On the transfer case there are three wires coming out. Two are together and one by itself, all three next to the driveline. Where do they go?
someone changed my spark plug wires and i think they are wrong can i see a diagram
replaced the upper hose but still having over hot and no heat inside car
it revs up when i start it untill i put it in gear and start letting out on the cluch the only time it stops reving up is when i pull up to a stop light and put it in first gear with my foot on the cluch the truck will drive its self when i lit off the cluch because it revs high i really need to know what i need to replace cause this is eating up my mpg help!!!!
the gauge stopped working some time ago,I had the gas tank removed to check it but that was not the problem
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