1994 Mazda MX-6 Questions

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Can i have a mechanic clean out the cat converter and then weld the exhust back on with this specific car (mazda mx-6 1994)
In the morning you have to gas it up to keep the rpm going or it will shut off.
on a stop the car idle rough, almost wants to cut out.
Furthermore on each acceleration, you can sense that the car doesn't have enough power.
I can be at 75 mph then suddenly I will start losing power. After down shifting to 4th, it will act like it is out of air or not enough. The power lost will continue then it will finally start taking off.
I replaced the fuel filter, 02 sensor, check the fuel line but nothing.
P.S you can smell fume inside so as through the exhaust.
Vehicle has 275,000 miles on it. When I push in my clutch pedal. I get bearing squealing noise, shuttering, and RPMS drop sometimes to the point it kills the vehicle. Does this sound like a clutch throw out bearing?
Its an automatic. It runs at 3000 rpms at 60 mph, sounds a little high?
My insides lights are fine until I have to use my blinker then they go out. Then when the blinker pops back in place then the lights come back on. Sometimes I also have to tap on my blinker to make them come back on. I'm just scared I won't be able to see my dash.
The car died with fuel Pressure but no spark. I replaced distributor, cap, plugs, rotor, wires and plugs. Started right up. Timing was off and failed smog. I went to adjust the timing and car died and wouldn't start again. Upon further investigation the distributor was shorting out so I exchanged it for another one. Car still won't start and has weak orange spark at the plugs as it turns over. Any suggestions?
while driving I start to smell gas fumes an every now an then the check engine light will come on an off.sometimes it will misfire when stepping on the gas to take off...I need your advice....please an thank you !
i need to service and don't know how to drain it either
has to rev very high to shift and speedomrter doesnt work could it have anything to do with the speed sensor
my car wont turn over at all.when you try to start it,the fan comes on and thats it like its in diagnostic mode.could ignition switch be bad? the car has bad tranny thats stuck in drive as soon as you start it but now it wont start to take to get repaired.please help
I've just had my water pump replaced and now the car is having an trouble picking up speed and engine shuts off. The mechanic who put the water pump said I needed to get a tune up and that the rpms need to be raised. I had my spark plugs and wires replaced and it's still having the same problem. Can anyone help?
I've had my MX-6 for about 4 years now, and just recently have started having problems with how it runs. It started with a very noticeable rough idle, and has progressed now so that the engine is sluggish when responding to acceleration, and when I'm anywhere near 3000rpms, the engine will shut off completely, however it will not shut off every time, but most of the time it will. I've taken it in, and the shop says that it could be a problem with the fuel pump, however they can only tell if that’s the problem after they replace it. I'm hesitant to invest $200+ in replacing a part that might not even be the problem. Anyone who has any knowledge about what the problem could be or how to check for other causes rather than just replacing the fuel pump, I would be extremely grateful
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