1995 Mazda MX-3 Questions

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Well I accidentally put the battery in backwards and now I insert the key and nothing at all I checked most the fuses please help.
I already replaced the distributor. Whats next? I have not been able to get the codes from the dia.
Well My car 98 mazda Mx3 1.6l Dohc 16v After a huge rain Here in Greece Athens was fulled with water until the handbrake and after the rain was over i came back to look after it and i would not start me and a friend of mine we study marine engineiring started to dry it out with hot air and checked all the fuses and electric connections to be dry we tried again and the car fired up after shoting all the water from the exhaust Everything was working as if the rain never happened we took it for a spin the it was all ok BUT after parking it and tried again after four hours i started the stopped and never fired up again eversense i complitly dryed the car all the electric connections were spraid with contact cleaner but still!! Does not fire up. I will mention that all electrics work(headlights,inside,turn signals all) but i dont have power on the sparkplugs no matter what i try Also that little buzzer that tells you you forgot something on before u leave sound sooo fast like crazy which i think there is a short circuit somewhere stiill but i cant find it Any Help ?? Now the car starts but stops after 2 seconds (we suspect immobilizer kills it) and we dont have the right connector for diagnosis due to it being an old model!
every time i start my car in the morning it smokes really bad for about five to ten minutes then it goes away and it barely smokes any more, plus it is burning oil really bad, i have to add about a half quart a day. can any one tell me what to do?
when the car is cold it runs good but when it warms up it tries to die then backfiresit seems like its choking,thank you.
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