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Ok for my own I was on myway going and I rundown of petrol so I call someone to buy it for me and when he comes I put the petrol and that was the time the problem has started so I change the petrol pump but now it is doing hard start so I don’t know what is wrong
When I turn the key, everything goes dim including the odometer which is always on. I have to press on the gas pedal for it to turn on and is getting harder to start each time. This morning I had to hold the gas pedal down.
When I went to the shop they said one of my catalytic converters is messed up I got it fixed drove home two weeks later the same problem was occurring they said it was my other catalytic converter I want to know what's really going on
Connected to computer no result battery is OK and after a short while it will start like there was no problem.
125000 miles regular service at Mazda dealer garage
I've checked all the fuses. Charged the battery completely. Replaced the Camshaft sensor, Crankshaft sensor, 6 Spark Plugs, and 6 ignition coils. It has about a 1/2 tank of gas. It did show a code for crankshaft sensor but I cleared it out after replacing the sensor. But still won't start. What else can I try? BTW its a 3.0L 6cyl Auto, if that helps.
I changed the radiator cooling fan module but still did not work can someone help me
driving from maryland to Utah on 70. in kansas my car started to loose speed, then when i stopped it started driving the car was shaken so I parked it but then the transmission didn't respond. now im here in kansas waiting for anybody to look at it.
3L Engine died and wont start. Turns over and 1 spark at plug.Scanner showed only one code. Need a picture of where cam position sensor is.
Its getting spark frm plugs n coils and timing chains are tight
tried to restart van it rolls over but wont start. there was no sounds or indicator lights or gauges the let on to be anything wrong. ran in my driveway for about 30 mins got five mins away from my house and it just died and wont start. tries hard to start but wont. help me please
This started after I filled up the gas tank. I have changed spark plugs and coil packs, still does it. Engine light stays on.
2006 mazda mpv. rear passenger window quit rolling up. the motor whas rolled it down and seems to be running, but the motor will not push the window back up. so now my window is stuck down.
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