2005 Mazda MPV Questions

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My van stalled and acted like it didn’t have enough power to start again now it will start but cuts out when it’s put in to gear
The drivers side, right, vent blows cold but the left side blows lukewarm and the floor vent is cold.
Bought the car at auction, it was a repossession. Only came with 1 key

I just received this car as a present from my grandfather. It was not driven for 2 years. I had problems driving from S. Diego. Car Shaking and not changing gears properly. The mechanic diagnosed the problem as misfiring and problem with catalytic converter.

The Mechanic recommended that i replace all the coils and replace the catalytic converter.

What is a normal price for both jobs and how many more years could i realistically get on the car?
when driving my van the gauges on the dash board and the miles electrical board keeps going off and on the gauges on the dash board keeps swinging up and down the van starts and drives fine.
When starting, I only heard a little crank & then it's gone... dead. I did this maybe 10x.. nothing happens. This happens only today... but before when it's a little bit cold I experience a hard staring but went ok. Until now. Is there any heating device to be attached to the engine? What will I do?
The starts well but after 10 to 20 miles it stall with no spark at all after 10 to 20 minute and than starts again.
What could be the problem?. Or what sensor could be causing the problem?
check engine light is on due to o2 sensors
How much does the fan relay sensor cost to replace and where is it located on car
How much does the throttle position sensor cost and where is it located on my mazda 2005 mpv
How much does this part run and where is it located on my Masda 2005 mpv
when i hit about 55 mph someone told me it could also be the sensor on motor causing the problem since it seems to do it after the motor is warm Tried premium fuel and fuel enjection cleaner seemed to help for a little while.
Have to restart car and turn off again I noticed that everything uinder the hood is really dirty. does it all need cleaning. My enfine has never gotten dirty like this before!
my over drive light comes on when in park but does not on when i put in drive
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