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Everytime I try to set my curse control
I have tried NGK but doesnt seem to work well.
This problem started when fuel got finnished and the car started jerking
Diagnostic states heating control unit need to be replaced which I think its the bnk2 sens 1.
The car emergency lights and the left and right turn signals stopped working. Tried to have it repaired but can't find the problem. Will work if you replace the fuse but the second you turn on the the hazards it blows again. And unfortunately, the lights flash when you lock the doors so even if you fix it then lock the doors it blows again. Replaced the turn signal thingy on the steering wheel and replaced the hazard switch. Same thing happened. Still not working properly. Headlight and rearlight wiring checked, bulbs replaced, no problems found. Any suggestions as to what could be causing the problem?
Have had repeated problems with this car due to misfiring of the engine coils. Have had to replace engine coils multiple times. Car has 140k miles. Last time replaced a coil was last march. Driving home today and engine light started flashing and car started riding rough - figured it was coil. But when got home smelled burning smell and a little light smoke was coming from left side of engine. Is this from a coil or is there something else wrong with the engine. And if so - how much to fix??
I lost the owners manual, and Im trying to replace my radiator and the same question is asked, with or without Tow? Im not sure where to look
Both the sun visors will not stay in the stow positions. The driver side is really bad and will only hand straight down.

Question: stutters sometimes, breaf loss of power or misfire, what is this?

Some Background:
The van has 170,000 miles on it. At about 140,000 or about two years ago, the MPV started performing similarly but the check engine light came on and we discovered it was the engine coils. Unfortunately, when I paid for the tune up and the replacement of the engine coil that was on underneath the engine head, the mechanics did not recommend replacing all of the coils. Later online I found out it is recommended to replace all of them at once because when one goes they all start to go. Over the past couple of years I have replaced two others on the top of the engine.

My first thought was here we go again, it must be one of those engine coils on the bottom of the engine. However, the stuttering, has been random, not as dramatic as with the engine coils and the check engine light has never come on.

My brother-in-law has a engine checker, we plugged it in and we got nothing. Sometimes it runs like a champ and sometimes it runs rough, cutting in and out.


This stuttering or cutting in and out happens when idling and during around town slower speeds.

I have not notice it happening at freeway speeds.

It seem to happen more often when the car is warm.

It has been happening for about a month now. It doesn't seem to be getting worse or better just sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. What do you think this could be?

Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what this is.
this happens when driving and not when idling. also the fans run continuously. what could be the problem?
I need to replace filter and fluid in transmission
The guy at the Advance Auto part store said it could be the (oxygen sensor)
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