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The engine also sounds louder than usual and the gas mileage is not good at all. And it hesitates almost every time that I take off or step on the gas while I'm driving. it's usually at around 55 miles an hour when I let up off the gas a little bit or give it more gas
I have gotten my fuse box checked.
what needs to be done.
Rear and drivers side are severely worn
my van is giving me this code PO305
How much does it cost to replace a front crank seal?
checked fuses safety switches could it computer be shot if we didn't undo battery to change plugs or could it be bad batch of plugs
Hi, all, I would like to get some advise please?

I have Mazda MPV 2003. Recently I got P0305, cylinder 5 misfire. When I had this, I did in deed feel misfire, engine RPM dropped from time to time, and felt it would stall, though it never did. Anyhow, I hear P0305 is a common problem in MPV. I replaced spark plugs/coils for cylinders 4,5 and 6. Misfire appears to be much reduced (pretty consistent idle, though minor shake while accelerating), but P0305 keeps coming back (I reset the code 3+ times). I don't get any other cylinder codes, just P0305. What else should I try next? Is it ok to keep driving while engine light is on?

I did look at this page:
This page talks about checking Oxgen sensors, etc., but if these are bad, I assume I would get additional engine code in addition to P0305.

Any info is appreciated.

Thank you!
I'm changing out my engine.
unless I undone the hot battery cable
It drives and shifts great, just when I brake no matter what speed
My wife was getting gas the other day and opened the automatic door on the drivers side and it quit working in mid stream. She tried to force the door and it stuck she then remove the fuse to the door and replaced with new one it closed but after getting gas it would not start. I have replaced the fuses, the relay, and the pump and found there is still no power to the pump unit on the fuel pum side. The guage works fine. What is the problem I'm am in need of help.
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