2002 Mazda MPV Questions

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Shakings at stop and sluggish take off when up hill
Can't get the relay out tried with pliers and still can't get it out do i need a tool to release it
Mpv 2002 temp gage went to full hot, after sitting a few to get home, it went to full hot, tcs off light came on, od light started flashing. Right before I got home transmission changing gears roughly and pounding into gear at driveway, clicking from the valves and engine oil light came on checked oil and dipstick showed van was not out of oil
I was rear ended a few weeks ago and had to replace all hoses, radiator, thermostat. All of a sudden the radio was fuzzy and just shut off. There is no power to the radio and now the ac button doesn't work either. I checked fuses and it isn't that. Not sure anything is even related to the accident at all but that's what happened. I'm not sure what else it could be aside from a blown fuse.
Had all plugs and coil packs replaced 5 years ago. Noticed brown fluid in area and on plugs in front of engine. I had to pay $900 last time I worked on these because I let an auto service do the back three plugs. Problem back than still wasn't fixed by them. I replaced one coil pack on front after I got it back and it ran great.
Loud knocking noise when driving
Had compressor replaced 4 times. Entire system once, other issues occur every summer with MVP.
Also have 2009 Mazda5, bought new from dealer, that needs compressor replaced.
Dealership repairman says it's due to hot Florida weather & constantly using A/C- fine, for 2002 MVP which is my Florida car, but the 2009 is an upstate NY car.
Any help will be appreciated.
My veichal is leaking at the front with coolant an I fell it with coolant about every two weeks! What could be causing this issue
The AC worked yesterday. Not working today. Air still blows..but blowing hot air no cold
Please kindly help me, I have spent over 200k on my car, this checks comes up and the gear with just stop selecting I kept buying new gear I was asked to change the speedometer, changed it yet d problem is still there. The ABS light is on and the brake light is on even when d car is working. Please I need augment hell and solution.
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