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and runs until it randomly does it again , now I put new oem distributer in and now still no spark , where di I check next , I know auto electic pretty good , I was going to check grounds and plug connections ,, any suggestions
i had probs with my transmission shifting. I had the fluid changed and found out the fluid contained metal shavings and now my car will only go in first gear. Prob just started last wk couldn't get it to go into 2nd etc. I'm afraid to ask what a rebuilt trans would cost to buy and get someone to put it in. on fixed income and only vehicle i own. thanks
was running great after a 120 miles trip, I stop for shopping , engine run a little and stop . I code show me random misfire . I replace rotor , cap ,check for spark and replace fuel filter , fuel filter relay and pump , crank but no start .... noise in the pump relay BUT not fuel pump noise ..... what can be wrong ?
would it bend the valves and do you know if the motor is running when the belt broke will it \
damage the motor if you turn the crank shaft with no timing belt on
put in new fuel pump and fuel filter,getting gas and spark.only code is start,just turns over.
the gearbox was fully repaired 5 months ago,pump, solenoid, discs were changed
how do i get out my original radio?
i tends to jerk forward after picking up speed,is this caused buy the spark plug?should i change it?Also is it often that the fuel senors go bad on this cars?
the car jerks is this becouse of the misfire in number 4 cylender? also where could i find the right decription of this Advance Auto parts gave me the wrong one. i changed number 5 not number 4..
The PCV valve can crack open and create a vacuum leak
Is there a trick to removing the rear rotors on this vehicle? I know they've been on there for awhile, but they aren't budging... not even with serious hits from behind with a hammer. Any thought?

Check engine light was on so went to autozone.. reading said misfire on cylinder 6. Then timing belt broke so I replaced that and water pump since it had a leak. Then replaced spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. The engine light is still on and it idles rough but intermittently. What do you think? Thanks
at 45mph van go's into lockup and instantly drops back into 4th. speed drops to 40mph then climbs back to 45 then in and out of lockup. have changed transmission and converter,as well as t.p.s.
starts and runs fine untill warmed up then dies and wont restart untill engine cools
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