1997 Mazda MPV Questions

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I checked what i belive to be the stick for for the transmission fluid. It looks brown . Not red. The van feels like the gears are slipping.
Starting fluid will make it fire. Acts like no fuel, great fuel pressure. Perplexed. Don't have any codes as am in rural Alaska
What is the location of the fuel pump relay on my Mazda
Went out to start the car and it cranked once then nothing hooked up jumper cables and no spark from the termanials then i replaced a 30a fuse that was blowen for all i have lights on dash and radio but still wont start or crank now " i need help im 700 miles from home with two kids and no money "
no power to this book it said it's the egi-cu. What is t h at.
upon starting it at times seems to be normal but when given any gas it chokes big time. the problem began when the gas was (late night unauthorized by me) siphoned and i added a spare gallon i had in a gas can for my yamaha in the back of the van. Hypothesis; Due to low gas volume in tank sediment was picked up and now anytime vacuum increases it bogs to the point of stalling & i have to jam it in neutral & hope it keeps running enough that i can pull it over enough that it's not a danger to anyone else or me getting a ticket$. I have replace the fuel filter with a new Fram and this seems to have made the problem worse if anything, Please respond and advise as it is currently parked in an unplaned location awaiting diagnosis. thank you mike
I just done the timing on my 96 Mazda mpv van 3.0 v6 it had a missfire on the number 6 cylinder and I took the destributor out and now it got missfire on the number 5 cylinder and the Engin light is flashing to I got crack on the inside under the rotor its on the cover would that make it missfire
vehicle has had a hard life, and trying to help a friend that has had a stroke. how can we get the car into N so it can be taken to repair shop?
When I try to start my van and the check engine light comes on, it will start. But, when I try to start it and the check engine light doesnt come on, it wont start
I just finished changing the timing belt and replacing the head gaskets and cam shaft seals. The timing mark vacilates from 10 to 12 degrees and used to stay steady on 11 like it should. There is a noise like a vacuum leak, 'tick tick tick,' but I can't find it, checked all air lines and sprayed carburetor cleaner on all hose connections and no change in engine idle.
runs fine untill accelerating, then bucks and or stalls
I forgot to have you respond by email on the first email
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