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The distribuitor is new end cranshaft. Sensor
The van run out of gas and i went and got gas . Came back put almost a gallon in the tank and it turns over but it wont start
and checked good. Starter won't won't engage. And there is no code when a DBO2 tester is plugged in.
New distributor cranks over has fuel ,spark plugs new not starting
Replaced the distributor found t.d.c. stabbed distributor cranks but won't start has fuel and sparks
after running the van and turning off the engine. when i try and start the van it is like it is flooded. i have to floor the accelerator and it barely starts. a mechanic has adjusted the air mixture, it seemed to work for awhile but now the same problem is back. thanks also, sometimes after running the van shutting the van off and trying to re-start there is no sound. we turn the key 3 times and then it starts, usually.
This is a 1996 mazda mpv.
This is a 1996 mazda mpv.
I have a Mazda MPV 1996 that has a skip or miss in the engine. Seems to be running ok other than this. Can U tell me what this could be caused from?
no spark and no gas coming on the engine
Starts to hesitate at 70 -75 mph especially when accelerating. Doesnt seem to be as bad while cruising although still happens. The cruise control intermittently hesitates at any speed. The rpms are very unstable causing it to feel very jerky. Can anyone help me with this?
Hi my 1996 Mazda minivan is LEAKING something under the dashboard through the flooring and steam is coming inside and smell bad that make me sick. Please advice, Ray.
i thought it was my starter but my mecahnic clean the battery post in the van starter right up , so here we go again, it I DROVE IT NOT TO FAR park it then when I CAME back in started it the dash board light dim in it wouldn't start I TRYED AGAIN IT STARTED. I use to smell something in the car that smelled like burnt rubber but thats gone , well anyway I GOT home, park it then started it again it started but now I HEAR THIS NOISE THAT COMING FROM THE ENGINE what do you think is wrong with this van ?
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