1995 Mazda MPV Questions

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Had my timing belt replaced about one month ago. I thought it broke again but it just slipped off the pulleys. I don't know why. Can it just be tightened up?
i replaced starter, I had to disconnect the battery, remove the front driveshaft, the alternator, the power steering pump and the pump bracket. I shifted it to neutral to remove the front drive shaft and put back to park, now i need to reconnect the front drive shaft and i can't get it out of park and into neutral.
thanks for any help on this
The relay box and fuse box for 1995 Mazda MPV has no specific label for cooling fan relay. I can't find it! Thanks.
The fan works because it starts as soon as I turned on the A/C. But will not kicked in during high temp. Sensor or relay problem?
my mazda mpv 95 auto cranks but wont start.i drove it a short way and it just died.has been sitting awhile.just got new lead plugs clean injector air filter fuel filter checked ecu
i have a milky residue in my oil so i know its a head gasket.however the mechanic told me that i might have to have the head inspected and remachined just wondering how much roughly. thanks
i recently replaced my timing belt. prior to that my car was fine.know i have white smoke and loss of coolant as well as over heating dont know whats wrong.could it be a head gasket?
overheating occurs during heavy traffic/ otherwise car runs well..
the book says the compression on each cylinder should be 126psi-196psi what kind of costs to get them back to normal
The coil is good, because it has been replaced. The ECU also replaced. Any other suggestions?
My 1995 Mazda MPV van, 3.0L w/ac and automatic transmission was running kind of rough. I decided to cange the fuel filter and after I did this the van would not turn over. I can hear a clicking sound going to the relay, thats all. There are two wires that go to the starter, one is from the battery and this has 12v going to the starter, the other wire is from the ignition area and there is no voltage coming from it at all. People were telling me about a reset switch but I was unable to locate one. I need advice...Please
on sat mar 27,2010 the upper hose on my mazda mpv (1995) 4wheel burst ireplaced the hose and antifrezz and it still wont start iknow its electric i just dont know were
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