1994 Mazda MPV Questions

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After changing battery and the blown main fuse, mpv 's anti lock signal blinking 16 times.
I changed complete distributer, wires, plugs. I have spark but not starting. Seems on a cold start I have no problem. Before I changed distributer I had a open resister belive it was the crank sensor. If the vehicle is not timed correctly I heard this could cause a had time starting when warm. Any thoughts?

4x4 switch got push how do i disable the 4x4
it has been almost 4yrs.,spark plugs,spark cables,distributor cap rotor have been replaced 3 times.
1994 mpv van cranks but dont start. where is the coil located in van when placing the coil can I only change the coil or the wires to.
1995 Mazda MPV - Driver's side door lock is malfunctioning. Door will not unlock with key nor through the inside. I tried lifting the inside lock button and it will not lift all the way. I took the panel off but everything looks okay nothing seems off nor stuck. Any advice so that I can unlock the door while the door panel is off?
what can i do to solve this problem
how do i fix this problem
how do i fix this problem
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