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I hit the breaks hard was driving it act like it was out of gas I brought it home it wouldst rev over 2300 rpm then it would shut down now its sluggish and back fire and blows black smoke when up drive it comes and goes
Doesn't seem to matter what time of day, temperature, level or angle, tank full or not. Problem occurs daily.
Trying to add power steering only found brake fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid
I spilled water onto the center section of the van's floorboard. A mechanic informed me that the water had damaged the computer located under the floorboard. Ha said the computer apparently had been "Fried" and would have to be replaced. The van starts ok but when I accelerate to about 2000 RPM from a dead start the motor begins cutting out and the car lurches until I back off on the footfeed pedal. I don't dare drive on a fast street. I know nothing of the technical tems for auto lingo.
When I fill up my gas tank, the gauge goes to fill, then, when I drive 35-42 miles it slowly goes down to empty, which, is not such a big deal, I keep track of mileage. My temperature gauge, starts off at almost at the middle when engine is first started from zero, then, shows overheating after driving little bit, 5-10 miles, but, I had it check at length and the radiator temperature was 161 for one hour, as it idled, I was told it was an intermittant faulty gauge, hello? It is very disconcerting to see it register OVERHEATED when I drive it, (but, engine light nor any distress panel light come on). I also had to replace the gas tank (my mehcnic said there was a ultra small gas leak in gas tank and couldn't work on gas tank, unless I replaced said gas tank, so, what could I do, he had me by the short hairs, I asked to see the gas tank, he said he threw it out, can't those tanks be repaired?), but, the gas gauge is still on empty, isn't there a ballon inside the gas tank, that regulates how full it is and shouldn't it work (SHOW ON GAUGE) when a new gas tank is put on? I have just spent over $1,700 on repairs to bring Van up to smog compliance, brake and light inspection, I know I have been had. isn't there a sensor, or, fuse that controls those gauges, the mechanic now wants to replace my thermostat and radiator, at the cost of $600 without checking sensors or fues,plus, my Van already has been checked out by a radiator shop that recommended my current mechanic and the radiator and thermostat were not faulty. I have put over $5,573, from buying MPV initially for $2,000, THEN $1,400 on initial repairs & NEW TIRES, then, $423, then, this last $1,700, I am played out financially and am going crazy and feel I have been played, no, make that know I am being played by the mechanic. I am ready to call the California BAR on this mechanic. I am a disabled senior citizen,73 years old and have a limited amount of money, I had to charge the last on my credit card, which, due to this last charge, is at the maximum amount allowed, I need my wheels for doctor appointments. Thank you
would a bad coil let the car start but shut off right away?
i have replaced the valve cover gaskets and pcv valve. the oil is still leaking i am looking for the pcv valve housing.
I have looked under the van at the fuel line and the gas tank and there are no leaks...I have also looked under the hood and found no visible leaks either, so I am wondering what is causing my van to use so much and why do I smell gas inside the cabin of the van?
The CRUISE MAIN light comes on but it will not lock into set coast. Also the hold light does not work.
My AC unit has all sudden stop working!I went to push power button on dash! light didn't come on!I didn't hear the (compress)turn on!as well the second fan for the seems like a domino affect!is there a fuse other than under dash or under the hood I'm lost please help!!!!!
If i let van set will it give it time to work
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