1992 Mazda MPV Questions

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I've check d d fuse. Fuse it good replaced any way still not him
I have done a tranmission fluid and filter change and still slips. First gear it has all the life as new and second. Could it be the siloniods? in the transmission it sat for 7yrs. The fluid that came out was dark didnt smell like burnt yet not just tranny fluid. Stumped
Got car from auction and needs work. But ran okay to get here and now will crank but won't start? Put new fuel filter and gas in checked air filter all good still won't start going to check ignition and get back to this thanks
one minute it will start next time i try it i cant get it to start. moving the gear shift might let it start but not all the time help!!
two weeks ago parked at home twice
We had a new cluth installed. After they were done we were told that the slave cylinder was leaking? My understanding is that 1991 models & older are underneath but 1992 & newer are in the engine compartment on the firewall.
Which battery terminal is positive and which one is negative?
Mazda mpv 92,
It is not internal problem because no symptom of transmission failur signs. Is this transmission range switch problem or computer issue, or ...!
Seeking help with this issue, when i start engine the load leveler operates and raises the rear to normal height as it must have a leak in the lines or shocks, I have a battery monitor plugged into the cig lighter at this time it shows no charging, after revving engine, the charge, fuel, leveler, and a/t temp light come on and the battery monitor shows it is charging
Before the engine went out, I heard the slapping noise which I thought was water. Quickly it died and all control of the vehicle stopped. It will caost $250 to have a specialist look at it to determine what should be done. Is this usually the case and what should I expect? It is at the Mazda dealer's now.
wont start? battery died and i charged it now i just get a click when i try to start it it has happend in the past and will start after mess with break paddle hand break and gear shift?
When I turn the engine key the van dosent start. I hear a clicking or knocking sound coming from the right side of the motor were the starter is at. This this mean I have to replace the starter.
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