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Changed the fuel pump, coil and fuel regulator
Changed the following; Fuel pump motor&filter screen, Fuel Filter, Fuel Regulator/Dampiner, Coil, Distribitor, Plugs&Wires,80amp fuse, all 40amp fuses,all fuses from under the dash, Relays or regulatersly (From left side of van)All changed. All shops and auto parts store computers on Panama City Beach, Fl only go back to 1995, so unable to scan van's Computer. Please help tell me why this car will not run?
Kinda like the transmission is messing up but for some reason I don't believe its that. What do I do I'm.single mom needing my vehicle fixed bad thank u for ur help
Haven't been able to drive it since we got it home plz help I'm a single mom needing a vehicle bad thank u
replaced fuel pump 3 months ago. One month ago would not start. Exchanged the ALL and DEFROSTER main relays and ran fine.

last week stopped running, towed in. Checked all mechanical, compression, spark etc. No fuel again. Checked relay and no voltage on output.

New relay arrived and installed, ran fine, test drove fine. Three miles later no fuel again. Not sure how to re-test the relay as there are 2 wires giving 12V but I beieve it should be 3 wires. Towed in again. Test shows that there are two proper grounds at the pump connection…can not prove intermittent.

Can anyone give me the test instructions fo the relay to assure it is functioning, also if it died does anyone know what would have caused a new relay to fail in 3 miles?

If this is a ground problem, where would the bad ground be found?

The anti start switch in the shift column is particular about its position as start up. However I dont think the fuel pump relay should be a problem from that.

there are no trouble codes.
I have a 1990 Mazda mpv v6 3.0L RWD with 220,000 miles on it, whenever I start the car it makes a loud screeching sound, it sounds like its metal on metal. It only will make the sound in park and neutral though. When I shift into gear everything sounds normal. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be? Oh and the transmission has about 150,000 miles on it.
But, no fuel is getting to the fuel injectors. Fuel injectors test ok, as well. Computer checks good Distributer has been changed, New coil, new ignition wires, New ignition switch.
I am wanting to know how & where I can purchase the Hydraulic Valve Lash Adjusters & a Hydraulic Timing Belt Tensioner for my MPV. I have been hearing a ticking noise from the top part of my engine & I was told that I needed to replace the hydraulic valve lash adjusters but Im having trouble finding them in my local auto parts store. I have also been expierencing loss of power & hearing a loud rumbling noise when I push on the accelerator & was told that I needed to replace my Hydraulic Timing Belt Tensioner. please help!!!!!
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