2000 Mazda Millenia Questions

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ive changed my alternator and battery .. checked wire harness etc. but cant get it to charge the only code it throws when i hook it too witec is bad coilpack does have a lil miss in it
I bought a 2000 Mazda Millenia about 6 months back, knowing it had the problem. What happens is once I start it I have about 10 minutes of it working perfectly fine. After 10 minutes I can no longer get the car over 2500 RPMs. When I try to get it over 2500 it jerks back and forth. But, I do not think it is temperature related, because if I turn the car off (including in Neutral, if I am on the highway) for about 10 seconds then turn it back on, it resets and it drives just fine again for 10 minutes as if I just started it.

Any ideas?
I have changed wheel bearing, tie rod end, and upper lateral link on passenger side and its still feels loose like the bearing is bad or lugs are loose.
out of the blue it started overheating after ten minutes of driving,is it hard to replace thermostat,could it be water pump?
Hearing a jingling sound with acceleration car running well otherwise any ideas
sounds like keys jingling car runs well otherwise.
No communication from pcm to tcm.
So the mechanic found a used engine with 30k less on it and told me he could do it for 1100, but what about an overhaul? Are those successcul in mazdas or are they just too tempormental to work on? I haven't had a lot of luck with mechanics lately. They seem to be working me either way.
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