1999 Mazda Millenia Questions

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If I press the peddle more than a 1/4 down it dies! If I barely accelerate it will stay running! Any answers!
The iginition light comes up and when i want to crank the ac blower inside the car works simultenously without me putting it on.
Even when the car is off and without a key in the ignition
we had just bought this vehicle and the woman told us the only problem with it was a vacuum leak so we took it to auto zone for a diagnostic and they said it had something to do with the sensors. how am i suppose to know which sensors they are and how much money am i looking into putting in this car ?
is there a rebuild kit for supercharger or i just buy parts from dealer?
trying to buy a mazda millenia and i was told that it needs a valve cover because he has an oil leak in the 1st cylinder. the has not over heated. what would i have to do to fix this problem and how much would it cost.
I just bought a 99 Mazda Millenia for my daughter,the car is in excelent shape the day after I bought it the check engine light came on. Their mechanic is a friend he stayed late found out the code was a clogged vacum line he cleared the line and the code.The next day the light is on again, i assume its the same thing.Can anyone help me,Im sure the car will be my responsability soon it was sold as is.The mechanic there i just spoke with said he will do a full induction cleaning.Not sure what he means by that,if you do will it help. Thanks in advance for your help
When I come to a complete stop my car shakes and when it shakes the lights go a little dim?
1) My car antifreeze boils up after 10 minutes when i am driving it but my car does not over heat
2) The car is automatic but is having problems shifting up, it hesitates
The Fuel Gauge only works to 1/4 of the Gauge
the oil leak was about 16" x 12" and when I touched it smelled like gas and this is it's first incident. don't know what to do any advise will be appreciated.
The leak was about 16" x 12" wide in oil i stuck my finger down to touck it and it smelled like gas but i knew it was oil because it was colored in black and this was it's first time happening
just bought this car w/110,000 mi. timing belt was changed @ 108,400,could valves be bent or could it be the supercharger is bad that is causing this,or am i way off and it is something totally different.
Is my engine shot
will an 1995- 1997 madza millenia motor fit in an 1999 madza millenia ?
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