1996 Mazda Millenia Questions

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During overnight, the battery is drained off, and the car would not start without giving it a jump.
Codes P0732, P0734. Also a code indicating pressure loss? How to diagnose the problem?
I prefer not to buy the entire harness. Alternatives?
need timing marks
I am in the process of purchasing a 1996 Mazda Millenia S for $600. The following codes came up when tested: p0105 p0705 p1525 p1526. I was wondering how to repair the problems and a possible estimate of the repairs.
I need to find the location for the purge valve solinoid for this mazda! can anyone help?
my car was broken cause of the distributer for about 1month.. i had it fixed n now it starts up n everything but it does not want to engage out of park..... what can i do please help me....
My check engine light went on. The diagnostic code is P0306 cylinder 6 misfire. The car seems to run smooth until after I've driven it for several miles, run an errand and start it up again. Then it starts to run rough. Is it a spark plug problem or something else?
i have replaced al vaccum lines with silcon lines and new brass t's , replaced plugs and #4 coil witch read misfire on scan. replaced vent and vacuum solenoids. the car ran fine for about 50 miles then the car started to lose power and the tcs light came on and then went off.the car idles great the check engine light is off. i'm at my breaking point any help would be greatly helpful. thanks chris
Engine will start and then stall out, what could be the problem and how much would it cost for repaires?
How often should the brake fluid, fuel injector and cooling system be flushed>
The check engine light on my 1996 Mazda Millenia came on today. I noticed it after I reached my location and started the car up again. The check engine light is solid and not flashing. It may have something to do with when I made a turn uphill on an intersection. The car did not accelerate properly and it "jerked". Although the check engine light is still on it is still running smoothly. Please help!!!!
Ok I bought my millenia S in april and everything was fine but all of a sudden whenever I lock my doors a few minutes later the alarm goes off. When I bought the car it didn't have a thing to turn on or off the alarm what could be the problem?
I was experiencing some problems with the car stalling and the finally stopped.Then i was told that it was the air bypass valve solenoid,which i replaced by the dealership and since then i have been experiencing problems with the car not starting.When i take it to the repair shop the get it started immediately and tell me there's nothing wrong with the car,then i get the car home and couple days later the car refuses to start and this goes on for days till i tow it to the repair shop again.The check engine light doesn't come on so i'm told there's nothing that can be done unless the ck engine light comes on.I'm extremely frustrated.
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