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This is an intermittent problem. Usually starts no problem. When this error occurs the dash lights do not turn back off after key is removed. As if the key was still turned on. Sometimes I just have to take the battery cable off and wait a while and put it back on and it starts.
Looks like its leaking from a hose running from thermostat under manifold across to other side
I am trying to find the location of the spark plugs on a 1995 Mazda Millenia 2.3L supercharged and any advise on how to do it, I changed the starter and that was a nightmare.
Check engine light flashing then steady. Checked code got p305 miss-fire detected om cylinder number 5. Replaced all 6 spark plugs and coil on cylinder number 5. Now check engine light went off then came back on. when cold the car runs fine but when it warms up acts like it is out of gas if you depress the gas peddle like you are going to speed up. It idles rough and also nocks.
raidiator not getting coolant
The check engine light blinks almost immediately to turning it on. The TCS OFF light comes on often and car becomes hard to control in steering wheel and runs even worse then it was with just the check engine light blinking. brakes have locked up and then began pumping. has hardly no power sometimes. other times it runs great. This all started after a friend did a simple brake job? please help......thx
diagnostic code read was: misfire cylinder six
where are the timing marks soppose to be pointing when i have the timing set perfect.can you please show a picture of the makings
The timing belt broke while driving. Just purchased the car about a month ago. am trying to replace the belt but i can not locate the timing arrows supposed to be on the head below the valve covers. also do not see a timing mark on the craknshaft belt pully.

Appreciate your help. the book I am researching doesnt have a good pictorial and is very vague about applications.

Thanks for your time and help

Bought manual and it is not right
ive changed the water pump and thermostat and the timing belt was changed and there is no oil in water or water in oil and there is no water coming out of the exhaust but still it over heats and even the fans come on
I cant find the correct voltage that a stock stereo power amplifier in a 1995 Mazda Millenia is suppose to be.
When the ignition is turned on, the wipers often start and stay on for about 20 secs. It does not do this all the time, but once it happens, it seems to happen every time for a while. Turning the wipers on, then off doesn't seem to affect anything.
Any response can be directed to I still can't find marks for cam timing.I have taken plugs out to locate no 1 piston location(I wasn't owner when belt broke or when new belt was put on.Timing was marked on crank with marker wrong.Previous owner had put plugs wires new cap trying to get started.When I acquired car it had no compression.Owners were told by a garage timing belt had broke.As I crank engine over it hits something near top dead center AS I have been told this is free wheeling motor can't figure out what its hitting by moving cam it releases it.I tried to use leak down tester (which doesn't work correctly) to establish compression in cylinder.So at this time Im still working to find marks on cam
I have a 2.5 mazda millinia Im trying to put timing belt on.I see crank shaft mark on rear plate,I see marks on cam pulleys but I don't see marks on heads I don't have valve covers off, could marks be under covers.Also I under stand this is a noninterference engine.When I turn crank shaft to top dead center it appears to hit when I get within quarter from mark on crank.Does this engine bend the valves if its out of time.Can Someone explain how to set timing on this engine
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